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Who we are

Metacube Team

   Metacube is an animation and visual effects studio focused on transmitting memorable visual experiences. Founded more than 17 years ago, it has been a pioneer in animation and visual effects in Mexico.

   Metacube has generated multiple animation and VFX projects for advertising and film; always using the most advanced technology and working with the best artists, has become one of the most advanced animation companies in Latin America.         Since 2008, Metacube has started to develop intellectual property by creating its own content, as video games, television series including “The Sugar Skulls” and the production of three animated feature films, including "Día de Muertos" successfully released in 2019 in more than 52 countries, winner of the best animated film in The Canacine Awards for the best of the Mexican cinema and reaching the top 10 of the highest grossing films in the Mexican cinema in 2019, has also been selected in official competition at various major animation festivals in the world, such as “The Annecy International Animation Film Festival” 2019 in France, “Le Rendez-Vous Du Cinema Mexicain En France” in Paris, “The Shanghai Animation Festival”, “The Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival”, The “Guadalajara International Film Festival”, The “Chilemonos” Animation Festival in Santiago de Chile and “Bravo Hispanic Film Festival” in Denmark.

   The Sugar Skulls Tv Series was released  on Discovery Kids channel in October 2018 and was selected in competition at The “Chilemonos” Animation Festival in Santiago de Chile and in “The Guanajuato International Film Festival”.

SERVICES: CGI Production (Modeling, rigging, Lookdev, etc), CGI Animation, Visual Effects, 2d Animation, Compositing, Editorial, Previz, Motion Capture, Rotoscoping, Deep Learning, Shotgun Production Management, IP Development, Production Design.

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